I have been into skincare a lot recently and I just fell in love again with KORRES cosmetics. The organic brand that uses the most natural ingredients than any other brand out there. I’ve been using the silicone free foundation primer for about 2 years now and I can’t believe that it has been the only KORRES that I owned. Last week I went a head and purchased more products because I’m a hige lover of skincare and the fact that all their products are organic is just a plus for a neat freak like myself.

As great as it is, the price is pretty $$ but it’s worth it if you’re going to put something on your face, right? Invest on good skincare and foundation, thats what I say, because eyeshadows and all that other stuff have the same ingredients, just some are more hazardous than others *cough (NARS).

I have super sensitive skin and I have to be careful with what I eat which is really a pain because once in a while, I’ll want to just eat ice cream all day but noo, I can’t my body will attack me back and try to hurt me hahaaha. It’s crazy how organic makeup isn’t becoming more and more like a popular thing that people should rely on especially if they wear a face full of makeup everyday. I mean can you imagine a girl wearing MAC since she was 13 and fast forward to her at age 60? The damages can be very frightening. I still use MAC foundation but I’m slowly transitioning into all natural products where my skin will be better treated.

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