I’m really upset of the fact that I have sensitive skin to the point that if I don’t watch what I eat, I break out in my face like crazy. I’ve been doing a good job in the past watching what I eat, healthy wise, not calorie wise and it’s really frustrating. I hate it because when I want to binge once in a while or just eat crap, my face decides to hate me and give me pimples. It’s really a pain because I’m not someone who gains a lot of weight, but I still can’t eat  a lot of the foods I like because of my damnnn skin.

The kinds of food that I have to stay away or at least limit my portion are sweets, salty foods, fried food, oily food, greasy food, meat, which I don’t really eat anyway, but still. The only “bad” foods that I actually eat would be either sweets or salty food, which is really not bad but unfortunately my body hates me.

Pastries are my favorite food but yet so bad for my skin. It’s sooo UNFAIRR, there are so many people in the world who do so many bad things for thier health and their skin in flawwwlessssssss. I feel like I’m on Jenny Craig now, I’ve always been watching what I consume, but can’t I just have a moment of weakness where I can just eat everything I want and not have my face pay for it later?

I’ve been really obsessed with skincare recently. I love the cosmetics brand KORRES a lot because all of their stuff is like 90% organic. I’m trying to shift in the makeup world of products that won’t give cancer years from now and it’s nice to know that I’m not killing my skin slowly like some cancer. It’s funny when I see so many people with really thick makeup on to the point where it looks like  a mask, it really is amusing if you stare at someone long enough.

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