I’ve been so tired recently and I’m starting to think that my life is routine. I feel that it’s still my face that is holding back, GAWDD why does jaw surgery have to take forever to heal??? I don’t know, I’ve been waiting to be able to “live life” for almost 4 years and my stupid face is still making me feel terrible. I am going to start City in the summer hopefully, and that should be enough time for my hair to grow out and more time for me to heal so I have my hopes up.

The only upside to me right now is that my room is coming along. It’s already painted, I put new curtains, and a chandelier, and I threw away so much junk my room is so clean and minimilistic now I absoultely love it. All I need to get now are two table lamps and new bedding, and possibly a lounge chair, maybe if I find a nice one for a cheap price. IKEA  needs to refresh their stuff because I’m getting BORED.

It feels nice that I can still relax at home and still go to work but I really do feel like I want to get another job, possibly in retail. The only exception is that if I do work at a store, I need to be able to like the clothes and won’t be annoyed by them. It would be a dream to work at “The New People” store in Japantown because that is the only somewhat modern store in Japantown that has really cute stuff and the environment is hella cuteee!!!!

If I worked in Japantown I would like it to be the “Black Peace Now” Set-up store because all the clothing is black and drapy and it’s sooo like mod and chic.

And if was able to work here, I would just have to stay for 3 months at least and I could apply for Marc Jacobs, ohh wouldn;t that be exciting?? ahahahah but I’m pretty sure it’s really exclusive so it would be difficult but a dream if I could work there as a second job. Part time employees get 6 pieces from every collection for free, and if you work there full time, 12, LIKE WTF????? Pleaseee can I work there!

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