Today I went to City College Of San Francisco to meet with a counselor and the bus ride going there was very surreal for me. I think that I just never imagined that I would be going there one day. I’m not saying it’s a bad institute, it’s just that after hearing a lot of people talk about it and saying they want to transfer, I never imagined I would be one of them. I must say though that this feels a lot better than USF. The mood is still strange for me but I feel a bit more relaxed and less stressed. I don’t miss USF which I guess is a sign that I’m really glad I left.

The counselor that I met with was very helpful. She was enthusiastic, interesting, and motivated to keep me interested in attending  CCSF. I’m glad I decided to save my self $80,000 and instead, I would only have to pay about $650 a year. LIKE AMAZINGG!! Right???  The only downside is that they don’t have Korean Language classes which made me sad because I really want to learn Korean. It would be nice to watch my shows without the subtitles. But I googled online and seemed to have found one program but I’ll definitely keep looking. It’s a 15 week program for $300, thats not bad right? And it’s near Japantown so it shouldn’t be that bad.

I’m looking forward to taking some classes at City, I think  won’t feel as stressed and pressured to strive toward something I don’t really care about so I feel good, scared about the future, but no regrets.

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