I’ve always loved androgony which is one of the big reasons why I love fashion so much. There are no limits to how you should dress, act, look, just seriously… come as who you are. Androgony has always stormed the fashion industry especially in the early 90s but recently, pushing the envelope is boring, we need major breakouts, more buttons breaking than just being pushed, “norms” are so last century.Meet Andrej Pejic, the gorgeous, Australian born, gift of the fashion Gods.

All I know is that I’ve been waiting for men to walk in women’s fashion shows, actually wearing the clothes. It has been very rare in the past and the only other time I can recall would be when Martin Cohn walked in a show wearing a slim fit dress with his hair pulled back.

I love these Nina Ricci shoes from Fall 2009, oh! Those were the good days.

I am just so , extraordinarily happy that more and more boundaries are getting shoved aside with attitude. Fashion does change every six months, why can’t society? Why can;t the world change frequently and develop like fashion, both which could make everyone happy. Even in today’s generation, so many cli-che’s and ideas on what’s acceptable or what’s appropriate is jsut boring and people just need to get over it, it’s a new decade and things are chaning incredibly fast for people which is a good thing. People need to catch up, not stick to the past.





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