I think the problem with USF is that there are hardly any locals that attend the school. I felt like “I” was the one from another city because about everyone was really “so-cal” and outside of San Francisco which really surprised me. I must say that I am so happy that I am not living in those wretched dorms because I would seriously kill myself, I mean, sharing a bathroom with the whole floor? Like excuse me? I like my privacy so I am happy to have my own space to go home to. Another thing that I am glad about is that I only have two classes now because I’m going to drop one, and just take two in the summer, which means, less time in the campus, and more time for me to go wherever I want. Honestly, I still hate going to school even though my first week is over. This really irritates me and i wish I could go to school in Korea, at least everyone is Asian so I won’t feel that self0conscious, and Korean guys are gorgeous, at least the good looking ones.

I’m glad to be out of High School, but this new environment is just so not me at all, I just don’t belong here, I can’t be surrounded my “Plastics”, I will go insane. Even though I only have two classes, there is still hella shit I have to do which irritates the hell out of me. I wish, I just wish that I could have the life that I dream of but of course, no one gets everything that they want, and it makes me wonder, why can’t everyone just get what they want, on a practical level of course.

All I know is, I’m glad that I will only be spending 2 days a week in that hellhole and that’s already enough for me to have a panic meltdown catastrophe. I really doubt I’m going to make any friends since I don’t live on campus, and I only have 2 classes, so if I do make any “friends”, it will probably never happen, but I like that, I’m okay with it, because I already have friends in the city who are worth my time.


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