My Day: 1211


S T A C K S . . . of mail.

I never read my mail. That has to change. See that stack of mail.. I’m throwing it away. I let those file and documents sit . To the point where I ain’t even havin it. So I’ll do my self a favor and take a glance.. on the shxt load of oppurtunities I have missed. And while I dwell on my mistakes of the past.. I’ll make sure that they are lesson’s for stress prevention in the future.

holla. I just attempted to be doctor seuss right there.. off the dome. Anyways. That stack of mail. from 2010.. is what I’ll be catering to after my business on the computer is over.

It’s weird to me how I recieve mail. I feel old. It’s not that good kind of old either.. it’s the damn.. that’s gross typa old. However.. business is business.. so I’mma handle it.. yknawimsayin.

My day went rather smoothe. I broke bread on the dollar spot at target. I copped my niecy some elephant slippers. Hella cute. and I got new socks. Big Whoop !  Then I took a nap at South City. Went home and handled more bidness. I ain’t cup cakin tonight, but ya girl ain’t trippin. so yeah. . . 

K A G E  /  I wonder who that is… 

Photo Taken at the Target parking lot. homie.



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