New Years 2011

This is the first picture of the year that I took with my cellular phone. It’s rather intrigueing isn’t it ? shooot. I think so. Two toilets in one bathroom. . . It’s a Filipino house hold, too. I thought that they only have these things in French homes. I guess not.

* I spy a tabot. yee!

Anywhom . New Years Eve was spent cup caking. Not complaining at all. I missed the count down. and I missed all these parties, but it’s okay. Atleast I got my rest… and I’m not gonna sit here and act like I don’t need sleep, cause trust me . I’m going to be begging for as much sleep as possible. I’m a nap taker. However.. things may change.

So. yeah. New Year’s Eve was chill. The next day I got dropped off at home and then I got ready and I went to my “cousins” house and I kicked it with family who I haven’t seen in 2 + years. It was rather refreshing. Some of the cousins and I went to go to quicklys and Gela hella got me stuck on Jasmine milk tea with Magic Jelly. YUM !

So New Year.. New Resolutions.. na.. Forget a new years resolution… I’m just gonna keep on reaching out for my goals and keep on making my dreams happen, continue to learn, be a do gooder. yada yada yada…

Hm. Anywho Anywho.. Chinese New Years.. Year of the Rabbit.. I’d like to learn more about that. Yeaawww….


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