i recently came across an articlethat was dropping prices on the clothes in the Sex and The city  movie. in a particular scene, where the four friends go and karaoke, Carrie’s outfit alone costs over $50,000. the scene also features some pieces by that fabulous duo, The Blondes, that i’ve talked about/am obsessed with. urgh. i suppose this is part of the fantasy, but I don’t know anyone who actually has a wardrobe like this, with perhaps the exception of CEO’s, royalty, celebrities, etc. but even so, i don’t think anyone would ever wear a $50,000 Chanel dress to karaoke. but what do i know? you think i live a charmed life? i suppose. but the girls in SATC are living a fantasy (literally a fantasy, because not even SJP herself is rolling around like this). oh, if only i was a bajillionaire.

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