I go through phases where I am completely into one subject or category and right now I am i nlove with anything that is British. Brtish clothes, culture, slang, tv shows, the accent, everything. The whole concept of British society is so elegant and incredibly beautiful, I wish I was born in the UK.

My crush with Burberry has resurfaced and I couldn’t be more addicted to find great deals on jewlelry and clothing. The British Pound wipes the dollar out ten fold and its so embarassing especially since this country is absolutely awful economically and socially.

I wish I could go to London or the English countryside, go to school in Cambridge at the University, My God it seriously looks like Hogwarts from Harry Potter.

I love Harry Potter ever since I was a youngin’. I still havent senn the recent movie tough because I’m going to wait till a considerable amount of time has passed so I can watch it with very little distractions meaning there won’t be a lot of people there. :D

I aspire and hope that one day I will be able to move to England and acquire an accent and a very successful job in the fashion industry. I’m so devoted to that craft I would love to work in one of the  top English  fashion magazines, maybe British Vogue :O

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