CROWDS CROWDS CROWDS. I am SOOOOOO uncomfortable being in a space where they’re are so many people, just not my thing. I wanted to get new bedding, but I don’t have to wake up at 4am to get a one just because it’s a good deal. I wanted to get some TV seasons on DVD but I didn’t really need them.

I’M Glad I avoided the whole hot mess today by staying a t home because as a matter of fact, I am OBSESSED with BURBERRY and Ebay has such good deals it makes me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I realize that everything I like is never on sale and that’s why I love Ebay, it’s amazingg. I’m catching myself buying more “formal” clothes which is so ironic because I would never wear suits or any of that matter. I still wont really wear super formal clothes but I got a wonderful piece of clothing the other day and now I want some button up shirts, like lavendar and gray. And I’m obsessed with getting a burberry coat from JAPAN.

This is how I like to shop, not pressured, not forced, not feeling like I need to buy stupid things i don’t need.

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