It has been 1 month and 3 weeks since my surgery and I still have over 2 months left until my face completely goes down. Now I’m not an addictive person even though this may sound like it but I want more procedures done. My face was always the big main focus of my personal torment but I would like to get a hairline reduction.

I’m not going to get one antime soon though because it costs $8000 and I nor anyone I know has the money for it. :( I really need to marry rich or find someone to live with who is freakin moneyyyyyy.

UGHH, plastic surgery shouldn’t cost so much, everyone has something they would like to change about themselves and in should be financially available to everyone.

PLASTIC SURGERY gives you what you were supposed to be born with.

The second procedure and probably the last one I want is a nose job. I like the shape of my nose but I don’t like that my nostrils show and the bump on my nose could be shaved but I might keep it.

UGHH I hate my huge forehead I really want it gone gone gone!!!!

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, I wish I was this gorgeous

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