Since I’m going to start USF on January 24th of 2011, I decided I need a new look, a breath of fresh air. My room should be somewhere I can go to think and relax and it needs a new vibe. I’m planning on painting my room gray, not like a cave but a nice light gray that would make my room more relaxed. I know, gray sounds moody and “gothic” whatever that means but I’m going for something like this:

I went to IKEA the other day and I bought some dark gray curtains, fitted sheets, a cute, little chandelier, wooden hangers,  a hook rack, and a garbage can. I’m trying to go for an older look for myself because then it will seem timeless, or trying to be.

I still need to buy new bedding which I did earlier this week but I decided to return it since it was ridiculously expensive, 130 GBP or $213 just for a duvet cover, three pillowcases, and a throw pillow. I mean it was designed by Kylie Minogue, haha I know but it was actually very chic, I was really sad to cancel my order.

As beautiful as it is, it’s just way too expensive, I might as well just go to ROSS, at least it’s really cheap there and I can probably get a lamp too which is another thing that I need.

To add to my new look, I really want either an iPad or an iTouch for Christmas. It will be like my little mini TV when I want to watch ANTM CYCLE 15 which is my favorite season and the only season I would buy. There’s one girl Ann, who’s 6’2” and she’s awkward and gorgeous. I have never felt so much adoration for a girl ever. I actually had dreams where I was her friend and I seriously would go straight  for her in a heartbeat.


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