I did it, I finally did it. The thing I have wanted for 3 years and right now time has to be my friend till next year. My jaw and cheek reduction was very successful and the Doc managed to shave 8mm off my cheekbones which will make a very dramatic difference which I am very excited about. I’m still a bit swallon but I’m going crazy. I haven’t been out of the house in 2 weeks and I’m dying to go back to work and make some money again. I still have another 4 months to wait though. The doctor said it will take that long for my face to completely set and slim down so I’ll still be covered unfortunately.

I really can’t wait though when I will do my nails, get my haircut, my eyebrows done, OMG I’m going to be thrilled. I’m not excited to go to USF though. I’m still worried that everyone will be a douche but people say college is the best time, well I’ll see about that. I Also got a new dog right after my surgery which was very bittersweet. He’s cute and lovely and will make a great accessory but he’s soooooo annoying when he barks, like it’s insane. I was so irritated my first week of recovery and then having to put additional stress just made me soo upset to say the least.

But it’s good now, I feel better, I’ve been watching “The Breakfast Club” and ‘Sister Act” all week while being high on percocet and vicodin so that was fun.

All I have to do now is wait, patience and time are supposed to be on my side, but 4 months is sooo long away and it’s only been 2 weeks but feels like a month.

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