October 6, 2010
Yesterday I got up early.. for math -_- Ugh, I’d rather start my day kicking ass than learning math, but a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do. So I went to math and I took a placement test, and I really suck at math, I got my results right away, but atleast I’m taking this time to improve… UGH. *the school system failed me.. again.. when it came to preparing me for thangs..* Anyways, After math I went to the S3 to kick it, I met two new dudes named Marcos and Drew, and this dude named Carlos too ! and then I was choppin it up with Andrew and Carmela helped me a lot with the thing. I copped a bagel .. with capers.. lol from the cafe. I asked Carmela to try it, and tell me what it was, and she hit that thing on the spot ! lol. So I went to my appointment with a career counselor and she told me to go on the website and she showed me a lot of things.. on there.. and yeah.. I gotta hop on that.. and start exploring. And then I left and I saw Yohan on the way to the FCC, but instead when I said wassup he kinda kidnapped me and took me along for lunch.. I wasn’t trippin haha I had time, so we chopped it up at some cafe thing and then yeah.. we kicked it on the couch and I met his friends..Tommy and Scott. They looked like some cool guys with their skateboards, tats, and cigs. I’m not being sarcastic. Then we both had to cut out, said bye. Then I made my way to FCC and I helped out a little bit with Kabataan and participated in the Philippine History ED Kuya Jun and Ate Lyra put on for the Bal students, and my group was with Alissa and Critell and we did our presentation on P.I history in the 1960’s. Then I had to leave early, I went home and I changed into a work fit, went to work. On my way to work I caught the bart with this girl I met from Power to the Peaceful her name is Mariya she’s sick.. a female who skateboardsyou don’t see that alot.. and so we were chilin and choppin it up on the ride. Then dipped. Bought two dougnuts, I ate one and gave the other to this dude who looked hungry. Attended the career workshop about this Chef from Cordon Bleau university.. and Idk… He was cool, I respect him and some of the things he does, but I don’t know why but for some reason he really got on my nerves. ugh. The second lady who came in for the workshop was from the company Cisco and she marketed the camera iFlips and she was nicer, but I felt like I kind of gave her a tough time when it came to asking about her salary in comparison to the young people who put together those cam corders in the factory. But overall she explained how when she visited the factory she was nervous about the working conditions her self but she said that the workers were happy and comfortable.. I guess…. After the work shop I was helping Leha decide on what she should get for her tat, then I dipped went home.. took a shower and all that.. and I knocked out.. I couldn’t help it.

Loookie.. My home girl got Watermelon nayooos

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