It’s been five years since I have last blogged and so like.. wow.. Time goes by quick. I try to blog and document my everyday life, but.. it gets hard. Here is my brief fillers of my five day report.
Attended a PEACE meeting and I shared an interesting after noon with a fellow member of the PEACE club. lol So .. this dude was getting to know me.. and he had me laughing for a good amount of the time I was kicking it with him. And I shook on a bet with him.. that if I lost this game that we were going to play on the bus.. that I would have to be his girlfriend.. and I’m no one’s girlfriend so it’s obvious who won.
Came up with a last minute show to do on my homie’s band known as the BOONDOCKS which will be aired on October 12, 2010 . I have a week of planning and I hope things go well. Left the office and got swooped up by my open mic partna Noelle ! and her broham. We both said our poems, and I hella loved Noelle’s poem, she wrote her piece about the CITY.. the beautiful city we live in known as San Francisco.. when she read her poem.. some parts brought back my early child hood memories of the Excelsior ! dang.. Fast life.. time goes by quick. After the Open Mic I went home early like a good girl.
Kuya Ant beat rockin the mic !
On Saturday..
I went to Muay Thai Training or lessons.
I went home and showered. and I can’t remember what I did.
I’m just pretty sure I ate this bad boy. Mama knows me best.

I picked up some lumpia and I dropped it off at Douglass playground for my hmie girl’s fundraising event. (= and then I made my way to the job place, but then I got a call that work was canceled.. so I went home instead and I saw a good friend out of no where. Hmm it was a trip because .. I talked to him on the phone .. and opened up about hella things. and then I see him out of no where…. Idk .. I just thought that was a trip. Then I stayed home.. and I got a call from Cameron and he swooped me up and we got some coffee with Damaree and then we got Andrew. Real Quick this is areminder that I would like to get to know more about this woman’s life.
and we went to 88 rice bowl and then we went to swoop up Uncle Skeezy and Temba and posted up at Bernal heights.. out the cuts ! lol

After Bernal Heights, Cameron and Andrew left.. while I was with the rest of the gang and my Auntie Katy ! hay hay.. So we made our way to DNA lounge where the Battle of the bands was being hosted at. of course they would save the best band for last.. my men in BOONDOCK SQUAD ! wassup ? Wass cracckin? wass cookin? Wass good? what do u know about them, though? They take ya perspective of rock.. and flip it unya.’ feel me. I don’t know if they won this round yet or not.. but if they didn’t well…. there is always next time.. and that most definately will not end their journey of rockin out.. TRUST.
Oh yeah also on Sunday.. I got my nails done for the first time.. well thats a lie I got my nails done before.. but.. I didn’t like that acrylic.. because it hurt.. and I havent gotten my nails all fancy.. since.. my brothers wedding back in freshman year.. anyways.. my home girl nicole did them I was her test animal.. I gave her permission to practice on me when it came to finger painting.. and not gonna lie I have a whole new perspective on Nail Art.. and. that is because Nails.. are a form of art.. Amen. I don’t care what you think.. but.. you have to see the things and designs girls can come up with on nails.. its dope. so quit hatin.. I can’t even look at nails as a form of make up anymore ! Nail polish.. is like chapstick.. to me.. sort of kind of ish ish.
Lets see.. yesterday I went to work and I was super tired because of the night before. Then I went home. I took the best nap of my life.. and I woke up feeling super good. so good I wasn’t convinced that I was awake. So I took a picture to see if I acutally looked happy.. and too see if I wasn’t dreaming.. and if the picture of me looking happy was still there.. that was the best nap yet.
and ta effin da. Claire after a nap.. tryna get a snack
And so Today.. is Tuesday
and I had a productive day. I planned out my day the night before.. and im not quite done with everything on my to do list, but things come up and I accept that but I’m gonna do and try my best to get as musch things accomplished as possible. and so like..
what I did today. I went to my first day of math calss and then I went to eat me some cup of noodles. I went to class … and then I studied for mid terms and I took a walk with my home girl to the bart. and I went to work.. luckily I bought a transfer or else I wouldve got written up by a cop.. ugh and then I went to work. and I was locked out and so I was chillin and then I migrated to a cafe and did some homework. btw I enjoyed a vietnamese sandwhich and some yogurt today. Then I went to the office and took a quick nap. and I worked on the video. made my way to the studio.. found out that there wasnt a show today so I went home with the band. (= hip hip horray. (=

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