September 24, 2010 started my day with my muay thai class. After class I went to my mom’s store and I ate some breakfast, than I stopped over to my homie Chris’s house and kicked it in his back yard enjoyed the sun for a minute. Then I walked home. Got home and I was chillin. Got a call from the homie AJ and he came through to the house out the cuts with Leon and Lynn and we watched a horror film called “Devil” it wasn’t that scary.. Being in CAST made me feel better about watching scary movies. lol. Then Leon dropped me off and I went to work on this really hot day. BIG THANK YOU TO LEHA AND MARA for doing my MAKEUP. (= ( I like it so much I took a pic with both of them and set it as my default on facebook.) Then Sorak picked me up and we went to Gellert park in Daly City for our friend Diane’s 18th birthday party. The party was nice, her family was there, her ten year old cousin sang a Christina Aguilara song for her. I thought that was adorable and sweet. Then I said an unexpected speech for her, because I was her unexpected candle, but anything for the birthday girl though. It’s all love.
Then Sorak and I left early, because I had to go to set up for a wedding reception really early in the morning. Although instead of taking me home, we ended up checking out the view at twin peaks, and the weather was dope!



September 25, 2010.. I woke up and I got ready asap. It’s the first time in a long time I curled my hair ! Then Kuya JR swooped me up and we caught up a bit here and there. Then we arrived at Ant and Kerri’s bahay and packed the car with wedding reception materials. Then Kuya JR and I got some breakfast at Quizno’s and we sat down and talked, and made our way to Lake Merrit where the event took place.
OMG. the weather was crucial and hot yo. Oakland sun.. Oakland weather.. man.. it was beautiful, but it got a girl fried ! Anyways, I was taking orders from Chrisha and helping out with what needed to get done. Team work yo! But of course.. what chu expect out of a community organizers.. wedding.. of course its gonna be neat. Anyways on break Kuya JR and Chrisha and I went to BakeSale Betty’s a cuddy spot on Grand Ave. in Oakland. That place had some crackin pie and sandwhiches.. I REALLLY WOULD LOVE TO GO BACK THERE. PUHLEEEZE ! lol So we went back to set up and the florist came.. the guest came.. the entourage came.. last but not least the couple came through and they were rolin in a clean whip too ! Then I served the food.. Met some really dope people ! Such as Erica Benton.. lol youtube her music, she’s sick. I like her song.. Much to do. That’s my hit. Anyways.. I chopped it up.. Danced.. Ate good.. Went home. and slept good.
September 26, 2010 went down like this.. okay so I woke up and I was being Ms. Lazy. Until I had to go to work. At work I teamed up with Ziante and Andrew and we documented footage and did an interview til my battery died at the Folsom Leather festival. WOW. That is all I would like to say. (= HINT: naked people . After work I went home and I get a call from my dear friend Cameron who came down from Sac to spend time with the dysfunctional family we have. SUNDAY night.. is a night to remember.. Cameron, Damaree, Marilyn, Grace, Alex, Temba and I.. HAVE A NIGHT TO REMEMBER FOR EVER..
This is the night I first met Grace Temba and Alex, and it is truly a NIGHT TO REMEMBER. Anyways.. Cameron Slept over again! <3 Then we just showered seperately.. of course.. and then he dropped me off at CCSF. Where I set an appoint ment up.. anyways.. thats not the weekend anymore. So.. Tune in for the next blog entry

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