I basically spent my whole day in school. Which is an unusual thing to do for me now a days. I went to my mom’s store and she hooked me up wit dough to pay for my text book. Thank you mom. <3 Then I purchased the book, kicked it in APASS office and then I went to class. In class I learned about stress management. We got a fake pop quiz as an example for anxiety.. and then I scheduled an appointment with a counselor and then I went over an educational plan ! Awesome! and then I got me some Beeps and then I went to class. We were about to play hide and seek during break time, but then we went inside instead. During class we were taught about some things about the TWLF. It was smoothe. and I learned some tagalog.. that was smoothe, too!
After wards, I made a new friend named Angel and she took Richie Geneva and I to Serramonte.. Geneva and I got some juice doughnuts and ho ho’s and then we met up with the other two and we kicked it in Hot topic the whole time till 9 and we were dancing and trying on corsettes and costumes for a good hour and a half. LOL.
Song of the night : Waiting for my Ruca – Sublime! lolololol

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