Today I went with my home girl Carm to go and get her belly pierced. I met up with her and she hooked me up with some Chai Iced tea. Then we made our way downtown from there to Haight Street. It was chill the dude who pierced her up was HELLA fine. haha not gonna lie. I might just go back there and get my nose re pierced.. and hope he does it. I’m playin.. I only have eyes for one guy.(= Anywho Carm was worried about the piercing out first, but once she went through with it she took it like a beast. That’s my home girl. We copped some chips after, looked around at two shops, and went back home. Well she went home, I went to Muay Thai after.. lol I couldn’t wrap my hand for shxt, it’s all good I’m working on it.
This picture of the little girl and the duck is hella funny and cute, I wish some one would publish a children’s book like this with more illustrations..

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