I’m going to being my story with the SOMCAN 10th anniversary. So I got out of work early to go meet up PJ and Bo at the Baynihan center, they swoped me up there in a UHAUL van with the food. Then we went to some SOMarts thing.. I think? I’m not entirely sure what the place was called. I went inside and I met up with Ate Lyka and Venesse and we went to the back of the kitchen where we were givin instructions. From the kitchen we went to the event where we were going to serve the guest. My team was Ate Lyka Vennesse and I we were team two and we had to serve Tables 21- 24 and 11- 14 lol. It was hella fun, I felt like I was in a movie. Serving people isn’t a new thing to me, I’ve always had to be the one to pass out the food at parties, and back in the days I would serve people their food at my mom’s store its not that hard of a job at all. Anyways, I was able to meet some cool community folks, and I saw bits of dope performances, and I got the full experience of the behind the scenes at fancy events. I also got to experience the types of struggles that catering services had to go through.

After that Kuya Ray and Ate Lyra dropped me off. Then Kuya Aristel and Ate Edeline dropped off a present I stashed in their car from the week before. Then the Magalong bro’s swooped me up and brought me to this cuddy party. The party was sick, abandoned house! We danced in the strobe lights then I knocked out then I went home really early in the morning.

The following day I shook off the last night jitters, and I made my way to the library to pick up a book I reserved. The book is called The Art of War by Sun Tzu . I haven’t read much yet, but I will manage. Anyways. I went to the FCC after to go volunteer to do some door knocking. I was in a team with Jray and Quetta and we went around the excelsior to the registered voters homes and we asked them to vote yes on J Yes on N and NO on K. (reminder:Make a second blog about those measures. ) So we did that, and I was able to get a glimpse of the beautiful views of SF. After that I made my way home, and I went to my home girls 18th birthday. At my friends birthday it was chill, I chopped it off with my friends and we all ate and kicked it in the living room. Christene’s birthdays are always nice to go to, because theres all the homies, and all her family and a big house of people chillin and celebrating and its just hella nice. It’s a good family experience. I loved her cake.. even though I didnt get to eat any it was an amazing cake. THEN.. I went with my friend Stephanie to a frat party!
So Steph and I left Christene’s party and we checked out this frat party. When we got there it was cool, first we saw a band that was really good, and we got these cool energy drinks that when u opened it.. it made an explosive sound. lol . pretty neat. We met some unique people, and we danced a little bit. Almost got into some trouble, with this girl and her man. lol but it was all just a big misunderstanding. lol …. then I had to go home, because apparently im still a baby to my parents.. ugh. So that concludes my Saturday night. but it was all good.
On Sunday I first got ready and I kicked it with a long time friend from 09′ days.. It was good seeing him. It was weird seeing him. Over all, despite all the negativity .. I am happy I saw him. So he gave me a ride to Sam’s first birthday. It was a chill setting and Jade Dragon restaurant, there wasn’t much interaction from the tables.. I wish I got up to mingle a little bit more, but it’s okay I was able to catch up with more homies either way. The cake was mango! and my mom made the desserts for her party! I left the party with Cameron, Andrew, Carlos, and Amanda. First we went to Twin peaks, and then we kicked it at Eggettes and played some games, dropped Amanda off, and then we went to Westlake. From westlake Andrew, Cameron and I went on a crazy adventure! We seriously went hiking.. and made our way to a beach.
That is the crazy hill we walked up and down from. LOL. Anyways after that whole adventure, we went to my house and we watched a movie called NINE it was about a directors life and how he struggled between the women in his life. Then Marilyn came over and we dropped andrew off and we met up with Ginger. From there we went to seven eleven on ocean, and I popped a squat. Then we went to get this dude named Ricky and we kicked it in front of a starbucks and then we people watched, and laughed and talked for hella long in the car. Then we dropped everyone off, and Cameron slept over!! and we talked till like 4 in the morning!
Then we woke up and we picked up Marilyn and we went to go eat at my mom’s restaurant. After that we went to my house and we kicked it and took our showers and swooped up Ginger from school. Ginger was telling us about how she felt hella special because she got a textbook from the actual author. It was interesting. Then we went to visit Ricky. Then we went to swoop up andrew and carlos and we went to the beach ! I went to the cave for the first time! and Cameron and I climbed some rocks ! It was beautiful ! After that everyone dropped me off and I did my Muay Thai.. had a tough session. went home.. and straight to bed.

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