The one makeup product that I think should be spent the most on is foundation. Eye shadows and pigments are mostly all the same thing but good foundation is the key to any make up ritual. I didn’t believe people when they said it was really difficult but oh yess it is, the different shades, different effects, oil, water, 15 hours, SPF, blah blah blah, it’s soo annoying.

When I thought of foundation I thought, okay, time to go to MAC because their stuff is shit, like seriously, THE SHITT!!!

I like the idea of liquid because to me its more natural and less cakey and powdery than compacts or Bare Minerals. The first foundation I tried was MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation. I was an amateur back then and didn’t know that much but after 2 uses, it broke my skin out like HELL and I was scared ahahah, I was wondering what the hell was happening. Also, it’s sooo heavy and I have oily skin which makes the makeup slide which is really gross.

It had really good coverage and lasted a while, but I felt like I was wearing a mask and it was icky, icky, icky.

After that I tried Clinique repairwear foundation in the lightest shade because I was such a paleness junkie and loved the idea of heroin chic but it got tired and really fake :( It really didn’t look natural and it looked so heavy on me I felt like a drag queen, and not a pretty one. AHHHHHHHHH :O

Then I went back to MAC again because I thought maybe it was just that one foundation that broke me out so I decided to try another foundation that a friend recommended because it looked really good on her and I loved the texture. It was the Studio Sculpt foundation in my color NC20 and it was a really nice change. I used it for a while and I liked that it was my natural color but it was still a little cakey and I was unhappy again that it didn’t look natural, it did more than the other ones but I want more naturalll. :D

So I changed again to another foundation which I was pretty hesitant toward because it gave  a glow and I love paleness, but actually, I tried it and it was really nice. The MAC mineralized satinfinish foundation is really nice. It’s sheer and it’s more natural looking than the other ones that I tried and I really like it. The only problem is finding my color. This foundation tends to go a shade darker than your normal color so I had to go a shade lighter but it was still too dark so I’m going back to find a nice color because I rally like how natural looking this foundation is :D

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