MADE $100 and figuring what I should BUY

Yesterday,  I did the Teen Smoking Study at UCSF which I found out about at Chalk. I really wanted to do it because it was basically just taking some fluid, spit, and sitting around eating and watching movies for 8 hours, it was kind of like staying at home :)

I actually wanted to do it earlier but my schedule has been insane but thankfully I got to do it yesterday which was actually a good day. I talked to the woman who was the head of the program and she told me that there were going to be two other girls there. At first I was like crap because lately I don’t like being social and meeting and seeing people but I was lucky enough to have them be really nice. They were two sisters, a senior and a freshman in two different high schools and were just so chill and cool it made the day a breeze.

The hospital food was actually not bad as a lot of people think or say it is. I had such a fat breakfast because it was the best opportunity to do it and I had pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and fruit. Like IHOP breakfast, it was PHAT!!

We had laptops also during the day and I actually brought some movies and shows and we watched ” A Single Man” and some episodes of  “The Golden Girls”. We also watched the Tv Show “RECESS” which my gawd I havent seen in ages. And after lunch we watched “Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark” which I havent seen in forever which I was super happy about :D

I love archeology chic. :D

So after 5:50, we did the final spit and we got our $100 bucks and could leave, but it was funny, it was such a surreal experience but it shouldn’t be but it was a nice experience seeing new people who are actually decent.

After I got my money I kept thinking, what should I spend it on??? aahahaha I was thinking what do I want?? and I had a few things in mine and had the Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 collection on sale for a while :O

I really like these 2 dresses.

or this one

I really like both but IDK which One would look better on me :D

I love 60s makeup, I think I want to this look for a while but getting the damn curves above my eye are hard to get it perfect. AHHHH I hate not doing clean makeuppppp.

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