The tales of yesterday.. Where shall I begin.. My shower duh. I took one because I am a grimey muhhfugga. After threw on some clothes and walked out my house to a sunny day ! I hopped on the deuce nine accompanied by an old man having a monotonous conversation. It was alright. The bus was jam packed, and I met with my girl May Flower on the back of the bus, once we hit Stonestown Galleria. We were chillin till we got to Golden Gate. We found our way to Power to the Peaceful ! May ate corn, I ate pad thai. We were both very hungry. We went on a hunt for people we knew. Instead we met two girls named Mariah and Amanda and their cute dog named Henry and Hula hooped on the side of the crowd ! Eventually we met up with people, and we layed on the grass played a card game, played a shooting game, played some games. & we were just chillin on a yellow blanket. I gave some one a free hug. There was a hug yellow baloon floating around, I wanted to touch it, but some girl popped it. I ain’t trippin. Then May and I headed out to meet up with Kuya Pele.
I spy with my little eye some thing yellow.
La Pena, Berkely !

I took out some cash to pay for my entrance fee for La Pena. May and I bought a quick new outfit on Mission. Then we went to Kuya Peles, used the bathroom, talked, watch him edit. Kuya Bo swooped us and took us to Berkely. I met Ate Mara. La Pena was pretty cool ! I liked all the performances, but I loved Power Struggles ! It was crackin ! May and I ate some tamales, the chicken one was good, but the pork one was crackin ! and I saw my friend Joanna there. The show at La Penas was dedicated to the farmers that were apart of the UNF ( United farm workers) and this event was put on by Latino Organizations and Filipino Organizations. Something that was left out in our history books was that Filipinos played a big part in that strike that Cesar Chavez was apart of. The Latino community last night really did a good job acknowledging that absence of history to the crowd. There was an MC who had his mom say a speech and sang a song and told stories about her struggle in the fields and helping people she worked with building solidarity. The homies from ALAY shared stories about their expo to Philippines and read poems, and stated statistics. The band Tender Loins, put on a good show. So did the group Brown Buffalo. and of course I came out to the front of the crowd when Power Struggle was up. Last night was frickn amazing. Good crowd = Good show. Big ups to my Kuya Pele for performin when he was lightweight injured, and to kuya DJ Fonzilla for educating me on some hip hop. The end of the night I said happy birthday to my girl Juana (= and Ate Kerri and Kuya Pele dropped May and I home.


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