The tales of yesterday… Is the name I’m going to start calling my blog. I started off my Friday kind of sloppy or slow. It took me forever to get out of bed, because I laid there listening to music and messaged people on facebook. Technology addict over here. Once I got out of bed to shower, I went back to bed to pick off my lazy business where I left off. Fell asleep, then threw some clothes on me and went to catch the bus. The bus ride was chill, hella sunny and the announcements on muni are weird now. They have different translations, they have a special hotline to make reports on graffiti. Why? When there could be a hotline number for other heavier things instead of youth or grown ups writing on walls shooot they’re just decorating! lol. Once I hit the CHALK office I made some introductions to my new co-workers. I met Kalida, Shantell and Z. I had some pizza, ate cake, said my farewell to Mista Dominic Ortiz. He’s a great person and hardworking awesome dude. If you don’t know him, better ask somebody ! I love you Dominic. I’m really gonna miss you, and it was fun while it lasted love! Kicked it in the shared space with Drea and Monica ! Then went to the 1 AM gallery with the girls and Josh. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get in because it was for 21+ but Josh and Drea were gonna pretend that I’m their adopted daughter, but that wasn’t necessary after all. LOL. Here’s some pictures.
From the streets to a gallery. Who would have imagined. Here are some of the artist that made this show possible.
Psycho city
R.I.P PSYCHO CITY (Painting spot located on Market and Van ness back in the days)
Dazed Amazed and Blazed lol. That’s what I thought first time I saw this.

QUIT FAKIN THE FUNK, if you don’t know better ask somebody!

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