And I shall tell it like it is.. down my Thursday List. I woke up and I actually did a little excercise.. unlike today. haha. Then I got ready for class, and I got there on time. While I was on the bus I was catching up with a good friend from way back woo named Denny Lu known him since elementary days and he would always hook up the fried chicken. Awesome! Then we scurried to class. I turned in our projects thing. I was talking to my class mate homies Cheyanne and Michelle and there was a guest speaker.. He is a counselor intern. I approached him after class because I wanted his contact information because I wanted to be a counselor.. I know I want to have a career in education. So I did that. Come to find out… that he had some like back ground information about me before I introduced myself to him, ain’t that funny. I grabbed a number 13 at Beeps Burgers.. said wassup to my girl Ice. (= Went back and met with Sheryl. Signed a scholarship form and made a new friend named Kirk. His friend was hella tryna hit on me, what a pervert. Sheryl and I copped us some $1 strawberries it was worth it. Beyond its worth. Safeway.. aint got jack on my dolla berries. Anywho Kuya Riz swooped us, and Sheryl and I chopped it off in the kitchen. Felt so good and chill, to do that. I appreciate my niece/cousin Sheryl she’s dope. Afterwards Kuya Riz gave me a ride home, along with some Baon spaghetti! I got my things for my next class together. Went to class. Got out of class. Met up with Aristyles and Edeline with Melvin Teresa and Aureen. Then Teresa and Aureen left, and the rest of us went to best buy… then jack in the crack.. where I consumed four tacos large curly fries and churros. Then we went to the show at MINK.
The show at Mink was smoothe. I met a lot of new people. There were live performances, by the kasamas, project 21, power struggle, some break dancers, DJ Fonzilla, Ruben.. etc !! It was crackin. I met artist who were auctioning their work like Keith.. and delicious chefs who back bomb ass cupcakes.. like Krissha. My stay at MINK was dope. I was feelin the music, I like being dahl dahl with everyone. I loved dancing with my new homie Matt and I love how we messed around tryna get at whom ever. and choppin it up with the homie Jojo was cool. September 9, 2010. You’re a unique ass day. <3 If I could relive you again, nothing would change, I'd replay it all the same way.

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