Tuesdays with Morrie, I gotta finish that book. It’s hella heart touching and stuff, hopefully at the end of today I can get that accomplished so I can move the fk on to another book. Yesterday I woke up and I cleaned my room a little bit, I got ready for school early, and I guess you can say I got to class on time. I still have to leave the house a little earlier, its been hard trying to figure out my departure timing, but I’m getting the hang of it. Bus rides are chill, but it’s awkward when I’m sitting face to face with some one and I see them eye fkin me, and I just can’t help, but wonder what is going on in that head of yours buddy. LOl. Anyways, class was chill. The people I got partnered up with in my group are cool, they practically did the whole packet of questions we were assigned as a team. Not my idea as working as a collective, but I ain’t complaining! After class I stopped by the APASS office, to see wassup with my girl Sheryl, she’s a cute ass behind the desk chick! I suggest you go holla, she a single milf. Just sayin. I finally gave myself a mini tour of CCSF on my own, checked out the financial aid office, and that line is crucial to your antsy needs. I suggest you bring a chair and a couple of magazines or whatever to keep yourself occupied. Free money is serious business, don’t wanna stress off a harmless line, so make the best of it people! I decked out of Cloud hall, because I had no business there. Bought a legit lookin folder at the annex, went home, made a sandwich, ate salad, ate some other things, then knocked out! Got a phone call around 4:20 ish from a girl asking me if I’d like to attend her meeting, I told her I got class and hung up. Hella nice. I should have thanked her because she was my alarm clock for the time being. (= I got ready for the ALAY meeting, ate some more food Pork/Duck/Rice, Thank you Kuya Ray. It was crackin, but I hardly did any damage to it. I learned alot during the meeting, and I love what I’m doing when I work with FCC, being around these folks is a pleasant, critical, home/family type feeling, U N I Q U E atmosphere! I look forward to seeing what we do in the community in the future. Even though I did not sav it out on the pork/duck/rice I did manage to eat a piece of THRES DELICIOUS LECHES CAKE! MMMMM. My favorite. Happy Birthday Dan Man ! Then Kuya Aristel took me home, yee! Then at home it was a wrap for me, I was just chillin doing my own thing, ending my day the chillest way possible. I found time to write in my diary again, and I drew a little bit for the first time in a long time. I listened to music, watched a few things on netflix, and enjoyed some milk and cookies. haha. I’m lovin it. (=

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