Woke up pretty early yesterday. Actually I wake up early everyday, but I just lay around in bed for two hours. Swear that bed is going to eat me alive one day. Tomorrow I want to do something different, once I wake up.. get the fck up already. I’m tryna kill the laziness in my life. forreal forreal. Anyways while I was in bed I fixed up a twitter account, texted people happy labor day, woke my friend up to meet up. Then.. I fell back asleep, woke up, and got ready. My parents threw a picnic at Lake Merced it was chill. I was kickin it with my homie Aldrich. My kuya and I swooped him up at the deuce nine bust stop. Got kinda lost in the parking lot, had to bust hella U-turns. Finally when we got parking, I saw my two long time friends Augusto and Jake, and got aquainted with Wes and.. I forgot the other dude’s name. Anyways I ate hella food, oysters, ribs, chicken, egg pie, watermelons, rice (of course), burnt smores. lol. So yeah. Aldrich and I were looking for things to do so we walked around, talked here and there, messed around with the dragon boat crews, and kicked it on top of some fancy hill and talked some more. I introduced Aldrich to the family and dropped him off at his house. Here’s a dope picture he took of me. haha.
[Pay attention to detail I’m standing on a heart broken island and my shadow looks like a chicken.]
Once I got home, I just kicked it and I was ready to knock out. Then my friend Sorak was hella insisting that we should go and do something. I turned him down, because I was super tired, but then he called me “weak”. Man I ain’t WEAK ! so we ended up going to Quickly’s, but then I decided that I wanted Eggettes, but then it was closed. So instead we went to twin peaks, to check out the view. I was super cold, so then we kicked it in the car and listened to music. Then the car wouldn’t start! Oh no.. THEN.. our phone batteries were low! I was some what scared that we were gonna be stuck there over night, because his brother wasn’t answering. So then I was like. fk it I’m gonna call my Kuya, and so my brother came to the rescue with the jumper cables, all the way to twin peak. Then he had me ride in the car with him back home when he saved the day. Oh and we made a pit stop at the Safeway at Diamond heights, and came up on some TOASTER STRUDEL!! YEEE!!! When I got home again.. I talked on the phone for a min. Had a very unpleasent phone call, but what ever I slept like a baby. (=

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