September 5, 2010
Yesterday was the first time in a long time I went along with my sister and her familia to Sac. Last time I been there I would have to say I was in middle school. Back then Sac was my second home. I would be there every weekend with my Ate and Kuya. Every time I went there it was always fun. I would look forward to swimming, storytelling, doggin people in Mario Kart, lose all the time in Super Smash bros. Hella memories in that joint. Out of no where though once I hit middle school I started going less and less. Once highschool hit, it was dunzo. I don’t think I came up once to visit at all in H.S. I’m glad I got my butt up to kick it again. The folks in Sac hella treat me like fam, I remember I would cry when it was time to go back to SF. Yesterday I woke up, hella rushed to pack my things,got jam packed in the car, then we were off. Of course my sis had to make a pit stop over to Vacaville to check out the shopping outlets. The whole time I was at the shopping outlets I couldn’t help,but think about the book Affluenza. Shopping is seriously a world wide addiction, and its horrible. At Vacaville we got my niece a fishing rod. I checked out people’s tattoos that looked pretty janky. yikes. I ate me some sushi. Got me some apple pie caramel apple! zeam.. hella good. Played with these water gun type things to kill time in the heat, then left Vacaville.
apple pie apple
That is my niece with the hella good apple pie apple we shared.

Once we got to Sac I said hi to everyone, and it was weird because everyone is all grown up. Lately there hasn’t been one day where I trip off of how time flies so fast, how everyone is growing up, and everything is changing. It’s been happening all my life, but its weird how blunt it is that I’m growing up.. seeing the people that used to call me their baby.. because they were too young too have one.. have their own kids.. It’s weird seeing a little girl who used to be smaller than you, be taller than you. It’s weird. amen. Anyways.. once I got to Sac I knocked out within 5 minutes.. drooled and everything. Once I woke up I ate some steak rice and salad. Chopped it up here and there with the family. Oh and there was some Greek baklava/buchi tasting type things.. they were crackin. Then it took me a while to get focused but eventually I did some reading for my tagalog and history class. yee! There was this one moment when Phineas and Ferb came on, everyone in the living room was singing the theme song. lol. We were supposed to spend the night, but unfortunately we ended up leaving that same night, because my parents are supposed to be throwing a picnic the next day. I got home.. hella tired. and knocked out.
the end.

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