Going to School


Let me update you all on my week. I just finished 4 days of my orientation at California College of the Arts. It’s so weird that I’m starting college – classes start this coming Tuesday – I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life, and it’s here.
I’ll be honest, after the first couple of days of orientation, I was second guessing my choice of school.. did I really want to go to art school again? Wasn’t four years at SOTA enough? Going to art school can be such a difficult choice – first of all, they’re expensive, challenging, and you have to be really motivated to keep up. The truth is, no one really wants you to do art, so if you aren’t passionate about it yourself, it’s pointless.

My purpose of creating art is to affect social change. I want to create art with folks in their communities and come up with creative ways of solving issues. I’ve been extensively trained in art and in community building, and it only makes sense to have the two married in my life. The reason why I debated with myself is that I wasn’t sure whether or not I actually needed a degree in art to do what I want to; could I be just as well off with a degree in sociology from SF State, which would also cost far less money and cause less stress?

After the week of orientation, I’m beginning to feel convinced that I am going to be glad that I chose to further my education in the arts. There is still so much I haven’t dabbled in yet, and I really want to open up the possibilities for what I can do – film, photography, printmaking, etc – I want to explore so much. Besides, I’m not majoring in fine arts or painting; I’m majoring in Community Arts, which is a unique program that definitely mirrors my hopes to work with communities in creative and artistic ways, larger than anything I can imagine doing right now.

So yes, I am taking a chance with choosing to go with art school–and I already forsee the many challenges and hair-pulling moments ahead of me–and can only hope that I’ll be prepared and have a support system behind me. As I type this, I realize that mid-terms are in a little over a month, week of October 11th. I’m going to do everything I can to keep up with the work and try to maintain my health and wellness at the same time.

Here’s to taking chances and dreaming of a better tomorrow.

V xx

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