Yesterday was September 4, 2010.

Which was the day of the Teen art exhibition that was held at the Catherine Clark gallery on Minna street. (beside the SFmoma) Being in that artsy feelin environment was pretty cool. I’ve seen people attend art galleries on television and everything that I experienced yesterday was expected. A crowd of people looking at pieces, having a variety of mediums of art to look at, and of course the free food. All of which was named was expected. Although what made this exhibit unique was the crowd. Teen Age: You Just Don’t Understand Exhibition had guests from being as young as 11 years old to probably 50 year old, it had people of color artist and on lookers, and it seemed like everyone had their own style. This was unexpected, because from TV when I saw art galleries I would see people of the same age, same race, same style. That’s why I never really pictured myself going to an art gallery unless I was invited by a friend, but I always thought that if I go to a gallery I would feel left out. Because what I would see on television on who attends these events, I saw that I wouldn’t have fit into either category of age,race,style. Although, this exhibit really proved me wrong. I’m not surprised at all, because hellooo.. San Francisco is a beautiful place with awesome people who are pretty nice. (=
Sam Wheeler and Whitney Lynn : Couch Fort
The mission for the day was to interview our assigned artist questions about their art work. I had the honor to interview Whitney Lynn. She worked with Sam Wheeler who unfortunately could not make it and was at Virginia yesterday. It’s okay I was able to jot down and exchange email information with Whitney. I’m looking forward to getting in touch and asking some follow up questions I didn’t have the chance to ask during the interview yesterday. Hopefully I can reach Sam Wheeler through there as well. Anyways.. I love how even though I did not get to choose which artist to interview, I like how I end up loving the work of the artist I got matched up with. Come on now.. Couch forts.. as art?! Dude.. I would make couch forts for fun, who would have known that a hobby of a 5 year old girl, could be considered as art. Pretty creative. I hope Whitney and Sam continue to work with each other to build couch forts all over the world. and in my house.

Marisa Olson. Music by Tanlines. Newflowers.

This is an animation done by Marisa Olson she’s another missing artist to my interviews of the day. She could not make it yesterday. It’s all good though. I like her animations though. With her art being on youtube it reminds me of what this other artist said about music being on the internet. She was saying how she found old videos of classical musical conductors that no one would ever find unless they dug through archives, and we have youtube to thank for that. Youtube gives us a chance to time travel, and gives us an oppurtunity to search for moments in history we would have never.. I guess.. I can say second hand witnessed. lol. Buttchyeah. Yesterday was a fun day at work. Tiring, yes, but fun. I left the team by taking pictures, and blasting my ears with A tribe called quest beats. And skidaddled all the way home for an adventure.
Root beer and Pellegrino water in my hands.. yeah I’m thuggin it.

After I left I caught bart, met up with my homie Sergio. Then we went our seperate ways, I went home, got swooped up. Visited my homie’s Lolo at the cemetary. Parkin lot pimped it on the roof of best buy, where we met up with more folks. Then we went all the way to Milpitas lookin for something to do. Back to Tanforan, to eat Burger King. Then Classic bowl to say Happy birthday to my girl Danielle, and then we swooped up my friend to take him home, and then ended the night.
Milpitas gas station with the homies. haha

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