Teenage Dream Review.

So it’s midnight and Katy Perry’s sophomore album (TECHNICALLY Junior but details, details…) has dropped and is ready for review. We were able to preview the album all day and at 12am est us west coasters were able to buy the full deluxe album! The album only cost be $4.39 since I raped iTunes every time a new single came out, so as happy as I was to see that price I realized that I still paid the full $9.99 if not more. Either way that shit was in my library and I automatically starting playing the new tracks. I’ll go in the order of the track list for this review, so first up Teenage Dream.

Personally this song is somewhat blah for me. I know, I know it’s starting to get popular and stuff but I feel like its super repetitive. Yeah sure most of her songs are and I love them but those you can totally sing too without sounding like one of those douchetards that think they can sing and try to prove it to people all the time. This is one of those songs of which you cannot casually sing too unless you actually have vocal talents. It’s an okay song and is perfect if you’re in love I guess. Not one of my favorites but it’s defiantly not the worst song ive ever heard, personally not worth the $1.29 i shelled out for it. The music video was okay, nothing special. Very normal for Katy Perry standards but it matched the song perfectly.

Teenage Dream - Album Artwork

The next song in the rotation is Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) which is a little reminiscent of Teenage Dream but a little more upbeat and has a funnier story to it. Apparently a bitch got drunk last friday night and danced on table tops and maxed out her credit cards and whole bunch of other shit! It’s defiantly one of those songs you will be setting to you “When I Was Younger” montage that you show to your children! Well after they learn what alcohol is and how much you loved it when it was illegal for you to consume it! It’s a nice calm song that reminds me of a mix between Justice and the theme song from Full House. There’s like Saxophone/Keytar solo towards the end of the song that’s pretty effing sick! In all I really like this song and once I own a car let alone am licensed to drive it, I’ll blast this shit everywhere!

I was already familiar with California Gurls since it was my summer anthem and the only thing I could properly use to describe how shit gets down in CA. However I would like to bring up the point that this song is about EVERY California girl, not just girls from LA. I doubt they wear daisy dukes and bikinis on top when there’s a storm fucking their shit up! San Francisco girls know better than to sport this outfit on the daily but we get the occasional moment to do so, alright NGC?! This song is not only catchy but it’s danceable. Even the most rhythmically challenged person can find some kind of suitable bounce or sway to do to this song. My only problem with the song is Snoop Dogg. I know him as the hardcore rap star with 20 babies and a pound of weed in his hand everywhere he goes, not the pimp of Candyfornia. And that’s the other thing, people always complain that the music video made no sense. “What does candy have to do with California?” Um well let’s see…oh yeah that’s right! It’s fucking Katy Perry in most amazing outfits, with the most amazing make up ive ever seen with the best hair on earth dancing around fucking candy and befriending girls who look like said candy! It doesn’t have to fucking connect because it’s just amazing, kay?!

Teenage Dream - Album Artwork

Fireworks. Well this song is defiantly beautiful like one but not as loud and racket as they normally are. This song is one that tells you to be who you are and shine just as bright as a firework! Sweet right? Well it is and I like this one! It’s nice smooth and one of those songs you listen to when you feel like smashing the windows of car that belongs to the bitch that you hate just because your bored. Trust me this one will help! You’ll feel twenty times better and the bitch can keep her windows because this song made you fell great about you and your life. But next week…the bitch is gettin it.

Peacock - Fanmade Artwork

PEACOCK! Rararararararah! I love this song, like almost more than I love California girls, and trust me I love that song more than anything right now. It’s just a fun ass song about seeing somebodies “peacock” which for some reason reminds me of the male genitalia :] So yeah this is song is defiantly a “Whip it out” song but hey! it’s catchy and cute there for it will get some attention. It’s also danceable, to some extent. Don’t expect to just casually bust a move to this one, but do expect the choreographers to get their hands on it and turn the bitch out! I’m hoping they do a video for this one seeing that they used the chance on teenage dream…because if they don’t there will be issues. In the end this is on my top 3 of songs on the album. I smell a club hit!

Circle The Drain - Fanmade Artwork

Circle The Drain, dark song but a good song! If you’ve ever been with someone who had a drug addiction or an addiction of any kind, one wtf were you thinking and, two this song is for you. I’ve been listening to this one on repeat for awhile and it gets better every time. It’s funny I don’t think I’ve ever liked so many songs off one album, usually I only like a select few and ignore the rest but this one idk there’s so much to like! But back to the song. It’s  a good song with a strong message of “fuck wit dem pills and ima fuck up ya face!” But in the nicest way possible. This song rounds out my top 3 with Peacock and California Gurls and deserves the spot! Check it out, it’s worth it!

Teenage Dream - Album Artwork

The One That Got Away is well, the one that got away. It’s nothing special, has a nice beat but nothing really going for it. If anything this would be the one song that I just kind of ignore and don’t care about as much, like Jan from the Brady Bunch. I mean I feel like I’ve heard this song a hundred times before, and loved it. But this time it just isn’t working for me. I’m assuming that this will be the black horse of the album because usually the songs I hate make it big, i.e. Teenage Dream, If I Were A Boy, Promise….the list goes on. And if this is the sleeper hit then hell I guess I need to change my taste in what I like and what I don’t! But yeah you might like but I sure didn’t care for it much.

E.T. - Fanmade Artwork

Extra Terrestrial, obviously this song is describing the love she receives from Russell Brand because well…he’s pretty fucked up! But this is song much like “The One Who Got Away” that I care so much for. However something tells me I’m going to be loving this song in the future because once and while I find a song that I don’t like a lot but for some reason I find it again and I love it! It’s weird I know but hey whatcanyado? As for night now It’son my ignore list but soon enough it’ll be my hidden gem!

Teenage Dream - Album Artwork

Third from the bottom of the track list is Who Am I Living For? Obviously not me bitch so don’t ask me. But no this song is kinda of like Circle The Drain, it’s dark and has a strong message but this is one is kind of weird for me. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it, its in my musical limbo where it’s just kind of there. Maybe i’ll listen to it here and there and other times I’ll just skip it. However it’s a pretty good song, slow but progressive and it definently gets your attention when you listen to it. It reminds me of a slower version of Christina’s Prima Dona (Youtube it). I think this one will be another one of me future gems that i’ll fall in love with when I have my ipod on shuffle!

Teenage Dream - Album Artwork

Pearl! This song comes in fifth for me. I like it a lot but not enough to listen to it on repeat 40 times in one sitting like I’d do with my top 3! I like the message of this song because I see this happen to a lot of my friends. Being the best people to be around; funny, smart, outgoing, and free spirited but then a boy comes around takes that shit away. Shame shame but it happens. I can see this one becoming a club hit after it gets remixed because it definanty has that quality to it, wont stand well on its own but after Kaskade gets his hands on it this shit’ll be poppin! Worth the buy and worth the listen on repeat maybe 20 times!

Teenage Dream - Album Artwork

Humming Bird Heatbeat. This is a combo between Pearl and The One That Got Away. It’ll make a legit remix but isn’t anything special. I do see this one being loved the preteens living in wherethefuckamI, Texas. It sounds generic by itself therefore it become irrelevant in my mind, of course there are some nice qualities to the song but by the time you get to this one you’ll be thinking okay this is the same song I just heard at the beginning and middle of the album, NEXT! This one goes in my musical limbo right below teenage dream.

Not Like The Movies - Fanmade Artwork

And last but not least, Not Like The Movies! I really liked this one. It defiantly takes fourth! Deserves 30 time on repeat! I know I know it’s another love song and I just bashed Hummingbird for that but this one doesn’t sound like the others (which all kinda sound the same). It has a different feel to it, its slow but sounds more like it came off Katy’s first album which I loved! It’s like she capped off the album with something firmiliar sounding since she went with a totally different approach to this album. It makes me feel happy and hopeful kind of like how Taylor Swift makes me feel minus the fact that she’s like fucking 12 and wears irrelevant clothing. Either way this song is great and is one of the only slow songs i’ll probably ever like! A great finish to a pretty great album and already has me wanting part three of her mainstream career.

In all, this album offers a lot of pros and cons. The Pros being that about 60% is amazing and enjoyable and will be received positively and that most of these songs can be remixed into super explosive superhuman versions of their originals. The cons being that the central theme of this album is pushed into almost all of these songs which can be good for some but I like my albums to cover various themes that can be related too. Seeing that I’m not a teenage girl and even with gender assignment i still wouldn’t be able to be one, I don’t quite connect. Although I know what it’s like to be in love and have it feel like the best thing in life which is what most of these songs cover. And even with a few flops this album is definently worth the $9.99, as for the deluexe verisoion with the remixes and Teenage Dream music video, idk only one of the remixes were okay and that the California Gurls (MSTRKRFT Main Mix) [feat. Snoop Dogg]. Either way buy this album and I promise you wont be disappointed.

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