Lindsey’s Out?

After 23 days of her so-called rehabilitation stay at UCLA has come to short and non-surprising end. She was supposed to stay at UCLA’s Medical Center for 90 days but obviously that is not the case. I’m sure we all saw this coming and to be honest I know I did! I mean come on, Lindsey Lohan is a…well she’s crafty little girl that’s what she is! She gets house arrest and you think “Hmm. Good now she can’t get any drugs!” Nope, she magically needs to get wisdom teeth removed all of a sudden and gets a free pass to take enough vicodin to take down Tara Reids. Yeah remember her? She gets an alcohol motoring device and all of a sudden the girl is surrounded by a cloud of hairspray that “accidentally” sets the device off. Yes Lindsey I’m sure that’s it. So basically E! got the scoop which is surprising because they’re like always late when it comes to getting the info on celebs but hey everyone gets a bone here and there! Lindsey just got a new Judge on her case which I guess didn’t feel like slapping her around like a pimp does to a hooker in heat, or as Dina Lohan seems to think is the right word “Hardballing” her.

Her new judge changed her NEEEDED 90 day stay at the loonie bin short and gave her a slap on the wrist. As if getting out of jail quickly wasn’t such a scam. Who the hell gets time for god behavior after a week? Obviously not my cousin John and we all know he’s been an angel, no joke. Apparently she got out because her mental state wasn’t as “unstable” as they presumed therefore she couldn’t stay at UCLA 24/7 because that kind of treatment was only allowed for patients with a dual diagnosis. Um…when your parents are Dina & Michael “Camelballs” Lohan your mental state is all kinds of effed up. Just look at Ali! She’ll probably have to resort to outpatient treatment but she’s a free girl now which I think is the last thing she needs to be.

Well Lindsey, I give you props for once again fooling the system and getting out of trouble to the best of your ability. Your one crafty little girl!

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