New Jersey takes the VMA’s & DWTS!

So apparently we got the deets today that our favorite Guido was going to be on Dancing with the Stars! Yes that’s right, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is a “done deal” according to sources and will be in the next season of DWTS. Now if this is true then obviously  someone at ABC knew what they were doing. We all know that casting someone like The Situation is going to spark a lot of people to tune in and watch him either make a fool of himself (as if the Jersey Shore doesn’t allow him to do that already) or surprise us all and show off some secret dancing abilities. Either way it’s a smart choice on the stations behalf because we all damn right know we’re going to tune in and find out. The final cast list hasn’t been posted yet but when it is, and if he isn’t on it, then someone at ABC is going to get a surprise visit from me which wont end nicely.

Further more, New Jersey is really hitting up all the major televised events this year! Now when it was confirmed that Chelsea Handler was going to host this years VMA’s i just about peed myself. Now if you don’t know (which i don’t see a reason as why you don’t), I’m in love with Chelsea Handler in a totally no hetero way. Now hopefully we wont have any loudmouthed, asshole hobbits interrupting anyone because obviously that won’t fly after last year. But I do hope Beyoncé has another performance however she hasn’t been very active lately.

I just hope this doesn’t turn out like the 2007 MTV Movie Awards when Sarah Silverman (Another favorite of mine) hosted and didn’t come across as well as she normally does. Her sense of humor was suited for the audience seeing that most of her jokes are about race and celebrities….and the audience was basically all celebrities most of her jokes seemed like low blows. Like her jokes about Paris Hilton going to jail, since that whole scandal was going down, didn’t get many laughs since most of the celebs there knew her and didn’t want to be disrespectful to her face by laughing. But Chelsea Handler, even though having a similar sense of humor, probably knows better than to make those kinds of jokes. And if he does they’ll most likely be funny.

All I know is Jersey’s on the attack this year! First Jail, then Miami, The VMA’s and HOPEFULLY DWTS!

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