Fashion photography is one of my personal favorite forms of art.

To me, photography just has soooooo many more ideas and concepts and visual aids that draws me in all the time.

There’s just something soooo mesmerizing about pictures that just make me squander and obsessively and incessantly look for more.

I learned a term in High School where I was talking to my teacher and she said it’s called “fashion porn”. For a second I felt like a pervert but what she meant was that those images cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and hours of retouching, and mind playing. I felt used, abused, ahahaaha, I felt silly though, the pictures just draw you in and it make you want that stuff, hungry for things you WANT, not need, which isn’t a bad thing, if you don’t let it be.

I LIKE TO CALL THIS PRADA JACKET A CONDOM BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE ONE but it’s amazing to me how the model, the makeup, and the lighting can make anything look good to consume.

I think I should date photographers, some of them are realllyy cute . ;)

Sacha Dumain

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