Today started out chill.. got tiring.. stressful.. and now I’m chill. This is how today’s story goes.. I woke up late.. as usual I’ve been waking up late. I need to quit that. Although.. I understand that the previous night.. had a lot of heavy stuff going on for me. I’ll just say this.. relationships. thats it. Then I took my time getting ready. My homie picked me up and treated me too a brunch thing.. on San Bruno. It was a Cuddy spot but I loved it. (= I also gave my homie a letter that I wrote for him back in 2008 he’s now just getting it.. and reading the letter was hilarious. haha. Afterwards, we chilled and called up some friends of ours to see what they were doing.. Everyone was busy. so we just ended up going to work. I got dropped off.. then I saw B. Then I went back to the office, did my active listening training. COPS REVS POSTS. chyeah.. I need a part two. After that we had our meeting, we just came up with questions for the show. Waited for my brother to get off work. Then caught bart home. I was kinda in an ugh mood because I didn’t wanna go home in the dark.. and I was cold. but kuya got off the same stop as me and he gave me his sweater. how nice of him. I got home.. pretty irritated. because through out my day I was kinda letting the small stuff bug me.. when it came to friends hasslin me about kickin it.. callin.. etc.. I mean.. I feel like lately I been runnin around tryna make every one happy that I sort of forget to make sure that I’m doing smoothe myself. My friend helped me realize that.. when I poured out the detail to him.. and its good to have someone in your life who lets you know wassup.. straight up… its a wake up call. my friend said. that I need to take time.. and be selfish… the funny thing is.. I remember I was the one telling someone I really cared about to be selfish. now I have some one telling me my own advice. wow. its a trip. but.. I’m thankful for that reminder. I’m thankful for my friend.. to pick me back up on my feet.. so I can keep calm carry on..

I’m focused man…

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