Reminiscing on school and thinking about what needs to be changed

Apologies for the lack of posting, things have been kinda weird and crazy since I came back from my SoCal trip.

Idealized school with Karlie Kloss

A lot of people start school today and it’s hard to believe that year has gone by so quickly. I definitely remember the beginning of senior year and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever forget how it it feels like to be in high school or middle school. To be honest, I’m not one of those people who overall enjoyed those years of my life. For me, middle school was day to day dealing with adultism, feeling insecure because of others, sensing lack of safety, and being stuck in mediocre classes. And specifically, as a queer person, I would say that definitely my middle school was not safe or supportive for queer students and I don’t know if that has changed there. Yeah, I remember a lot of negative things about middle school. The sexism and being sexually harassed or groped by boys, race segregation, the horrors of gym class, no support system for students, and a lack of sex education at a time when students really need it. Sometimes I’m marvelled at how I made it through those three years. They were really hard–and for me, the best things definitely waited for me beyond middle school. It is undeniable that there needs to be a serious reform for middle schools and support systems set in place for students–if I had a problem at school, I did not know WHO to talk to. Sure, I had friends, but sometimes youth want adult allies, and for me, they were non-existent.

More idealized school with Karlie Kloss

I suppose I lucked out with high school. School of the Arts was not that bad. No, I honestly did not feel the sense of community that the principal had talked about during student orientation, but I felt okay, and it was great compared to middle school. There were a lot of people who annoyed me almost to the point of no return, and I essentially stayed with the same four or five friends all of high school, and that’s perfectly fine because I didn’t need anyone else.
High school was all about transformation, self discovery, and exploration.. most of which happened not because of any classes but simply because I was growing up. I think the most important thing is to be unashamed of who you used to be, and to continue to change anything you’re not happy about with yourself. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s how we move forward. Learn more. Try something new. Get better at what is working for you. Do something that’s self-fulfilling and makes you happy. Ok, that isn’t about high school as much as it’s about what I’ve learned in general.. but it’s important.

It’s slightly surreal that the big COLLEGE is almost here. All my life, adults have talked to me about college. Preparing for college. Making sure I’m not a failure so I can go to college. Not turning into an alcoholic or drug addict in college. Don’t use the bathroom during passing period so I won’t be late or else I won’t get into college. Run a mile or else don’t get into college. Learn cursive or else colleges won’t like me. Well, damn you all. I didn’t have to explode to get into college. I just did what I had to and focused on what I liked and what I was good at. And you know what? Being supportive of students and youth is way more important and effective than yelling and commanding us to do something that you think “benefits” us. Schools are for youth, so let youth make some important decisions. I’m talking about creating positive youth-adult partnerships in school and getting rid of the horrible system of adultism that middle and high schools thrive on.

Idealized school with Miranda Kerr

V xx

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