I’m going to get my last wisdom tooth out this week and I am nervous as Hell of the pain from the needle that gives the anesthesia. The healing process was very easy and it didn’t hurt after the teeth were being pulled, just the prick of those shots really made me uncomfortable. At least it’s just one more but still, it’s soo grosss and creepy to think about. I still feel traumatized from the last time when my mouth got cut and my face was bruised, I was so hurt for a week. ;) But at least I didn’t get as swallon as people said I would, but whatever, I got a lot of ice for my face which I guess helped a lot. I’m going to need to squeeze something so I don’t squeal in the chair but then again I can just think about how happy I’ll be when it’s over and I’m on Vicodin for a week :D

My next appointment with the P.S. is on August 31st so I’ll have time to recuperate and ready to schedule a date. OMGGG, EXCITED :D

This is how I feel and this is my inner self wanting to be freed!!!!!!!! I’ll be listening to some of my favorite songs such as “Temptaion” by New Order and “Physical Attraction” by Madonna.

No surprise, I found some more cute boys and great candidates for super dream husbands.

Oscar Spendrup

I’m really obsessed with this guy right now. Anthon Wellsjo is his name and I like that most times he looks really 70s and rock and roll and it’s seriously so hot to see someone you find attractive looking evenn moreee attractive than before, I’m so glad he cut his hair.

Speaking of fashion…again, I just saw “Devil Wears Prada” on TV again and it just brought really warm feelings, just the thought of a fabulous life with fabulous clothes,shoes, people!!!   :O I cryyyyy


I really starting to be obsessed with Lanvin. I can’t afford it but the effortless elegance in the clothes can make anyone look beautiful, they look so powerful and strong.

I love this dress, if I was a girl, I would totally wear it everydayyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

The menswear is just an genius as well but unfortunately, I don’t really see myself wearing a lot of men;s clothes, mainly becsue I can’t fit into them :( but I definitely would wear the middle look.

I guess there are some good and bads about being really thin. I can fit into androgynous clothes because that’s more my style, but I can’t wear menswear without having it too big, or me looking like a lesbian. That’s why I prefer to dress unisex or at least try to balance masculine and feminine.For example, if I was going to wear a dress, I would wear a leather jacket over it and dr. martens boots to “butch” it up. ahahaha or If I was wearing a somewhat “boyish” top, I would cuff my jeans and wear wedges.

I like balance, and I like mystery. I prefer to be an enigma, something different that you haven’t see before, or at at least I try to do that.

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