S A T U R D A Y August 14, 2010

Dolores park

So today went down like this. I woke up super late because the previous night I stayed on the phone till six in the morning with my home girl. We had such a good talk. I love it. (= I took my time getting ready, I was so tired, but I felt like going somewhere. I wouldn’t want to spend my time at home, especially since no one was home in the first place anyways. I walked to the bus stop, and told my home girl to get on the bus. We chopped it up till we reached downtown. We checked out Pistahan festival. From my understanding Pistahan is a Filipino festival, theres just a bunch of Filipino people, gathered to watch performances on the stage in Yerba Buena park. Also to go and buy things at the booths set up. Theres also delicious Filipino food. Hella youth out there from all over the bay. So my home girl and I went to see the FCC booth. Then we left to go to Dolores park, we chilled there and then we had a picnic with my high school friends. Victoria, Eli, Squid,May, Diane, Michelle, Nicole, Rochelle, Jeremiah, Shaina we were all chillin and killin food. Then we watched a building burn, went to a store.. and then we went to an alley way with artsy fartsy things. Then I went home, and knocked out till 12. Then my friend came over and we talked in my kitchen till 4 in the morning. !

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