Why Don’t You Love Me?

Why don’t you love me? Tell me baby why don’t you love me, when I make me so damn easy to love? I think this is the perfect song to cover a lot of relationships. You know, the ones where you put all of yourself into making the other one happy but for some reason they barely, or just don’t do it in return? Don’t act like you haven’t been in one of those because these usually start around high school. Which I personally think is one of the worst things ever. How is that young people are able to think this way in a relationship at such young ages, putting yourself over your loved one while they put you over themselves.

Sure we could simply say that it’s just the way young people are in relationships because they don’t know what it really means to love somebody. But usually these are the same people who grow up and continue this same way of thinking. They had an excuse to do it when they were 16 but what’s their excuse when they’re 30 and still treating their significant others with no love, respect or loyalty? And what happens to other person in the relationship who is loving, respecting and devoting themselves with none of that in return? Look above. These kinds of relationships to me personally are ranked second to first on the “Unhealthy Relationship” scale, just below abusive relationships.

I don’t want to go into a frenzy of how horrible these relationships can make you feel when your “Beyonce” in the scenario. I’m young but I know what this is like and although it’s an experience I somewhat cherish because I will forever know that if I ever see this kind of behavior in a future boo-thing I’m out. I do believe this is knowledge everyone needs, but I just wish there were other ways of getting it without having to experience it personally. I don’t know, but what I do know is if you ever find yourself asking “Why doesn’t he/she love me?” Leave. Don’t question. Just leave.

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