It is such a weird feeling that I don’t have to wake up tomorrow at 6:30 in the morning  and be in enclosed spaces full of people that I don’t like, being forced to work with them, hear them speak, and look at their… faces. It feels good and a little bit of regret. There was a short time where I wished I had another semester of school because I felt like I never pushed myself to do the best I can be. The reason why was because I was so vain and superficial about the way I looked that I felt so ugly everyday and I didn’t want to show my face, even to people who don’t even matter to me at all. I always felt held back and prevented from achieving the best of my abilities because I was prevented from a sort of mental disorder that I had/have.

Since today was kind of the last day of summer for  a lot of people, I watched movies with some really close people and it was nice. ” A Single Man” directed by Tom Ford was my favorite and it was so good that I need to buy it, now!! Supermodel Jon Kortajarena was in it and I love James Dean, but he took it to a whole new level. Nicholas Hoult is adorable too!!

But you know, I am so happy and ecstatic that I finally get to be away from a place where I was always told what to do. It feels really good to be able to choose my own paths and do what I want to do without anyone annoying me about it which is awesome.  The past seven years of public schooling has been so annoying I am so glad it is over. I mean, it wasn’t all bad, I definitely had some good times but overall, I am so happy that it’s over.

All I am focusing on right now is getting where I want to be, looking how I want, and doing what I desire.

At work, my TRACS coordinator, Catherine has been doing an amazing job helping me fulfill my goals. I mean nothing has happened yet, but I was so amazed how many things she could do and has the courage to do the things that I seriously was afraid to do. I hope things go well and I’m able to experience and gain entrance to a place where I want to be.

THE FASHION INDUSTRY is my home, I feel that this is where I belong, nothing else feels right.

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