Give It to Mama

This video is everything that I want in a Beyonce Choreography. I like both but I think I’m more in love with the Young Buck Green Light Remix set. Especially since all the girls are hittin it in 6 inch heels! Luam, who put this together needs some mad props though because personally this is one of the best routines I’ve ever seen. This would be perfect for a tour or for a group of drag queens, with rhythm and good lip syncing skills, to bust out at the club, one that would have RuPaul standing up in his seat and doing one of these,

All in all this is a great routine and the Ring The Alarm one is pretty good as well! Whoever that afrolush girl is obviously knows how to work it and is a great dancer. I will attempt to learn this although I think it’ll take quite some time, slim fast, new heels, and some dance classes before I can master it.

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