I went to get my wisdom teeth pulled last Wednesday and it wasn’t the pain afterwards that was annoying, it was DURING IT! The shots to numb the gums were torture , my word I haven’t felt pain like that in a long time. It wasn’t excruciating but I was hella mad. And… they only took three out of four because the one on my bottom left kept bleeding excessively but I it’s totally fine now. But the doctor recommended i wait to get the other one pulled out. The Vicodin is not as strong as everyone says it is. It helps and I felt relaxed but I wasn’t as loopy as people said I would be.  I can’t  believe I have to go through that crap again eventually.

Now, the dilemma is I have to wait another six weeks for me to get my BIGGG surgery, THE FACE!! Yes, the face I have been waiting to have. sighhh, I’ve been looking closely at this male model tumblr that I absolutely love and I narrowed down a few models’ faces that I like but I really love the shape of Swedish model, Linus Gustins’ facial structure.

Today I was fantasizing my life after surgery when I’m all healed and everything is set into place. I just imagine myself being really happy, feeling like I can finally breathe, do things I always wanted to do.

My goal in life was to be a make-up artist because I wanted to be around male models but you know, I don’t know if that;s my true calling.

One this is for sure, I LOVE MALE MODELS, I have never gotten tired of them. Fashion and male models are the 2 things I love in the whole world and just the idea of the two of them together is such a blissful feeling.

I decided that I want to try to intern at a male model agency to at leat get my foot in the door of the industry. I want to see what kind of positions are available and hopefully I can find something that I will really like.

I JUST LOVE MALE MODELS but I don’t know what is the particular job I could do and what qualifications are needed.

I mean I can’t resist beautiful creatures,

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