Good Times…

So I’m in this funding meeting with the worst stuffy nose I’ve ever had. I’m guessing it’s allergies because i have no other sickly symptoms. Sooo I’m pretty good on my two Claritins which makes me feel like I’m Britney Spears in her 2007 shaved head era.

I’m kind of dizzy and a little lost and sometimes forget I’m at work and not sleeping at home buuuut hey! If all these meds allows me to breath through at least one nostril and not suffocate when I’m blowing my nose then I don’t mind the feeling. OH and good news! Through my med high I was able to choose a college! Now since I’m new to the blog you guys have not been around through my long and stressful process of choosing which school I was going to choose. But I can catch you up right now.

So I applied to 24 schools. 8 public, 16 private. I was accepted to 4 of the publics and about 12 of the privates. (Comment me if you wish to have a list for some reason.) But really I was already set on going to Dominican over here in San Rafael. I only applied to all the others just because I wanted choices just in case somewhere else offered me better financial aid. And I’m glad i did because I would have been screwed.

So I got back all of my acceptances and the award letters and was awakened by reality. My dream school, Dominican wanted me to magically find $25,000. This was AFTER financial aid…I’m not going to lie. My family is low budget, it’s actually close to no budget. Now I know there’s loans but forreal? If we make just over the amount that you want us to pay why would you even play me by sending me the letter? Like don’t ever just do that. So being crushed I thought that I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere if it was going to cost that much. But then a ray of light shinned down on me. Two schools both further away than I would have liked made my life happy again.

Linfield College & Seattle University both gave me an affordable price. $14,000. Now I know what your saying, “Wow Dominic, that’s only $10,000 less,” and yeah but it’s the lowest offer was given and even better I was able to choose between two schools instead of only having to go with one because it was the only one to offer me that price. But then something even better happened! I got a scholarship for $2000 dollars. Therefore both schools would cost me $12,000 which is pretty good. Id prefer to take out a $12,000 loan compared to a $25,000 one.

So last night I had to make a decision. I know I had till tonight to make up my mind but so did everyone else so I thought I’d be beat half of the people to it and get higher on the housing list. And I made that hard decision. Drum Roll please…[insert drum roll noise] SEATTLE UNIVERSITY! I’ll be a Redhawk!

I’m excited to be able to go pretty far away because well now I’ll be able to grow up. Sadly I wont be at CHALK anymore but i’ll never forget my time here. And plus! I still have the summer soooooo we can still party until then. Sorry if parts of this entry didn’t make some kind of sense but the meds are still in me sooo I’m still in my Britney trance. But yay! I chose a college and now I just have to sit back, relax and still try and pass high school!

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