Currently Slappin: The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
Book update: I already finished Fight Club ! good book. (=

Oh man what a great song. Well.. It’s my last day here in Philippines. It’s been such a relaxing trip. Despite my homesickness. I can surely say that.. I’ve found my sense of home in Cebu. So it ain’t all that bad. For example: I love how I am super annoyed by my cousin Moy Moy. Weird, right? But.. even though she pisses me off, no matter how mad I get.. He can’t hate me and I can’t hate him, and we both know that. We fight, physically. But in the end its all good. There’s a lot to say about Moy Moy. She’s great.
I love having HELLA little cousins too play with. They tire my out. I wish I knew how to speak Bisaya fluently so it would be hella easier trying to teach them games.
I love having older female cousins sitting around having their “Chika Chika” moments (just talking) cause I know that I can get all the gossip and share stories with them too.
I love having older guy cousins that take me out to play basketball, watch them and their dance crew friends practice.
I love having a grandma who loves me so much that she crys when I leave. I love having a grandpa who I can just chill on the porch with exchange a few words here and there, and comfortably share silence.
I love having a HUGE family that gets together and holds it down for the whole community. Like when my family put on a free play for the Simala/Guiwanon province. (=

There’s just a lot to talk about. Don’t get me wrong.. The trip wasn’t all good. You gotta take the good with the bad, or nothing at all.
I got the whole package.

I miss Simala. Manila was cool, but coulda been better.
Anyways. I got a big fat smile on my face cause I’m excited to come home to my family and friends out here.

“Philippines.. I’ve grown a sweet tooth for you, but San Francisco.. you will always be my baby.”

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