There has been a really wierd trend/jinx/WTF/IDK wave where young male models have been  dying the past few years. Tom Nicon just passed two months ago, Ambrose Olsen, a little earlier than that, and a another male model from Brazil has passed away. What is going on?? Like really though, does the fashion world put a lot of pressure as people say it does? Or is it just teenage angst just getting the best of us? I have no idea but frankly I’m really sad about it. It’s not only because they are gorgeous and make me want to buy $600 shirts but the fact that they were just SO young. To die at 20, 21, 17, 24, is just tragic because they would’ve done so much more and contributed so much but the ending of their lives are inevitable I guess, it’s just sad to see youth die because they haven’t really lived. If someone was to die young, but they felt in their heart that they have lived and fulfilled their goals in life, that’s okay, but to be cut short just unfair.



TOM NICON 1988-2010


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