And it all started with a girl named Marla Singer…

Guess what. I’m finally reading Fight Club the book. I just bought it yesterday and I’m already more than half way through the book. I’m loving it so far. Through out this whole entire trip I’ve had a craving for Fight Club. Book or Film was fine. I already watched the movie hella times, and its about time I feasted my eyes to the got zaang novel ya heard.

The second book I got is titled Tuesdays With Morie. My older cousin Margot suggested that one. She said that she enjoyed it so I’m gonna probably keep myself occupied on the airplane ride back home with it. I might just pull an all nighter tonight to get on San Francisco time. I’m really trying to avoid Jet lag. My summer in San Francisco is running like sands in a frickn hour glass. Every single day matters, and I’m not gonna spend the rest of my summer tryna catch up with my sleep. No way man.

Yesterday I watched Salt and it just hit me. I’m in love with Angelina Jolie. I love all her movies and I’ve been on her since second grade when Tomb Raider first came out. I’m tired of all those romance films and stuff.. dude put on some action packed Jolie films already. Angelina Jolie.. she’s the business. MMMHHHMMM. Salt was crackin .. in my opinion. The ending however left me wanting more. When I get back I wanna see whats with this movie called Inception tho.

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