So I just got home from my friends going away party and  I realized something. For someone who LOVES, and I mean LOVES sleep…I sure don’t get enough of it. I probably only get about 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night and it’s not just because it’s summer. This has been the case since I was in middle school. Maybe I have insomnia? Maybe I’m just weird? Or maybe…no i have nothing.

It’s been a mystery to me ever since I actually noticed that I never sleep. There have been times where I don’t fall asleep until 12:30PM the next morning. I just stay up all night, until it’s 8am and think that I should just stay up another full day and fall sleep at 7pm or something. But that never happens, ever. Somehow I’m put in the vicinity of a bed or “lounge-able” object by 12pm and I’m too tempted. How can I NOT sleep on it? It’s like some divine entity has placed this couch or bed near me for a reason. THEY WANT ME TO SLEEP! So I knock out and don’t wake up until 10pm THAT NIGHT?! Like WTF! And I always wake up that night, never the next morning. And what happens? Oh! I know! I stay up a whole other night and fall asleep at 12pm the NEXT day. It’s really just a horrible cycle.

But I have one true friend that helps me get right back on track. MELATONIN! This magical tablet allows me to knock out like an elephant with 13 tranqs in its ass, and it lets me knock out when I want to! Usually to fallout by 11pm or so I need to take it by 9 and I can wake up on my own by 8. It’s amazing! But if I miss that 9pm gate and I need to wake up by 8am then sadly I cannot take my magic tablet which sometimes I think is good. I don’t want to get like dependent on these things, especially going into college. Having a pill addiction most importantly a sleeping pill addiction is not the kind of thing I need as a freshman in college.

Writing this post is a good example of how I can make myself sleepy. If I can focus on something for some amount of time I get sleepy. It’s like my tablet supplement. And the best part is, I’m tired now. I wasn’t when I got home and I thought tonight was going to be another sleepless night but I’m ready now and my bed never looked comfier or warmer. Don’t you love that feeling? When you just can’t wait to get into bed because you’re so cold and tired? And when you finally do fit that fluffy…box, you can just knock out? Of course you do! And right now I’m fiending for it. So I bid you all a good night and hope you too cannot wait to get some sleep.

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