My left eye keeps twitching. I did some research and here is some possible root causes to this:

Lack of sleep



Looking at computer screens too much

Solutions to these possible problems:

Lack of sleep – Sleep more. Go to sleep on time.

Caffeine – Quit the coffee lovin. =( zeam.

Stress – Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Computer screens- Turn off the computer, ASAP.

Easier said then done. Let’s see how things turn out in about a week. omg. Jet lag, I will not let you be the death of me !

Update : Today I ate breakfast. All I ate was soup and watermelon. Odd combination, huh? Then I went back to the hotel room and just watched some weird movie about a woman who works in a politicians office, then she goes to watch over the future vice presidents daughter at San Padre, Texas for spring break. The main character reminded me of myself, because she really loved her cat. Although the cat died, and she was sad. Story of my life. Then I played my dad in chess, and I lost all the games. Then I ate a tuna sandwhich and french fries, and I colored in my menu. yay.

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