I am currently in my home girls house in the P.I waiting for her to get back home from work. I’ve been eating like crazy out here! Buffets for breakfast, buffets for dinner. Lunch time.. I eat good too. wow. It’s raining right now.. and this is whats goin on under my funkbrella.

yesterday.. I went “bungee jumping” or.. so thats what they called it here in Philippines. It was a trampoline and two cords and stuff. I’ll post a picture up asap. I’ve been going swimming when it doesn’t rain. and so far I haven’t seen any family yet from Manila. Sad.

My Kuya Junjie makes my favorite burgers ever, but I can’t even go to his house this year. Because of the rain.. it got Kuya Junjie’s house flooded.

Oh.. and at the hotel… I’ve been getting free chocolate ! I think the hotel dude who works the lobby got a crush on me. … uh.. yeah..

I can’t wait to be home.
and.. I miss Cebu. ugh.

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