(D)!nNer With The SHumks WAS SOOO FuNnY

HEy, Ever1 this is EliSSa Finally i wrote Something Rite.lol i went to the movies this weekend at the Century in the mall.. OmG that movie therater is hella nice but so Expensive!!! with 2 people is comes out to be 22$!!!!! i payed around 2 pm. mat’ea was over at 12 UgH!!! So i  was thinking this moive better be the S**t!! beacuse it was so much money and popcorn was expensive i forgot how much but knowing the century it was goin go be pricey.. anywho the movie was 2hours long but there was no boring moment in it  Steve Carrel is Stuipd!! i like the story line alot, it about a guy who got a possiable raise at his job from an idea he came up with lamps the company he worked for was a finacal assest protction i think but i kno its assest and stockes  so he found a guy who can invest into hes idea of the lamps was a rich swiss couple but for sure to seal the deal he had to bring a dumb person at a dinner to make fun of .. i recommend this  Comedy  to everybody .. be cheap go to oakland at the amc out there the mat’ea is 16 Bucks at the southland mall get off at bairfair bart.

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